October 2016

I decided to give hypnotherapy a try as I needed help with attaining some personal goals.  I had been blocked with anxiety and couldn't summon the energy nor the confidence to try new stroke therapies which I needed to improve function and live independently.  After my first hypnotherapy session I was so impressed with the whole process that I needed to share what a big difference it has made in my life. I now feel like I am getting help from the "insideā€. Not having that crippling anxiety anymore, I am feeling stronger and more confident to do what I need to do to achieve my goals.   

Jeanne set the environment for me to feel safe, and inspired me to take control of what I wanted to do.  

I set the goals for the session, then she set the tone for me to relax, and I was enabled to let it happen. I highly recommend Jeanne at Sierra Springs Clinical Hypnotherapy.

-JOAN, Newport Beach CA


Stress can drive you to your worst habits and behaviors. Most people I see in my practice tell me they are very stressed. It is hard to have a life without stress so the key is how you are able to deal with stress. When someone comes to me for smoking or weight loss, as a example, they tell me that the smoking or eating is always triggered by stress. It keeps them in their vicious cycle because they have no tools to deal with stress the moment it happens, and they go to instant gratification to feel better or numb out because they can't deal with the intensity of stress. 

Hypnotherapy works amazing for Stress reduction. Through hypnotherapy and the tools I give you, you will be able to not take it all in and not be driven to that unhealthy behavior.

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