December 20th, 2016

I went to Jeanne because I had public speaking anxiety. I was going to speak at an important event involving my family and I was terrified of being in front of over 150 people while reading a speech. The transformation was powerful, over the course of many sessions with Jeannie, and practicing my speech with the techniques she gave me it became easier. In a few of her sessions, she had me imagine I was giving the speech in my head with the outcome I wanted, which was very helpful in my experience. I was able to turn that anxiety of being in front of many people into a memorable experience with very little troubles. I cannot thank her enough for all of the help she has given me!

-JESSICA, Reno Nevada

Performance Anxiety Hypnosis for Actors, Musicians & Athletes

Performance Anxiety for Actors, Musicians and Athletes can wreck havoc on your career. In my previous life 20 plus years ago, I was an actress in Los Angeles and New York. I worked hard everyday honing my craft, and studied hard with some of the best acting teachers in LA & New York, I was quite good, but come time for a audition I fell apart. Now, one audition can totally change your life, going from waiting tables at night to now making $20,000. dollars a week on a sitcom. The stakes are high, and if in that split moment you need to show them what you got, if you freeze up or are all wrapped up in your nerves, you will not get the part and all that hard work means nothing. Not only that, but Casting Directors remember the bad auditions and may never call you in again, so you have not only lost the part that could of changed your life but you destroyed a potentially important relationship.

The same is true for Musicians and Athletes, if in that very moment you need to perform, show them how good you are, and the stakes are very high, if your anxiety gets the best of you, you won't have a career.

Hypnosis works great for Performance Anxiety. We will get to the root of the anxiety and remove any blocks and obstacles that are keeping you stuck. As well as a Hypnosis session, I will send you off with tools to use everyday. You will soon be auditioning, performing with confidence. I know because I have been there, but I did not have hypnosis 20yrs ago to help me or any tools to use. 

If you are experiencing Performance Anxiety please don't hesitate to call if you have questions about my process, or to set up a free initial consultation.

I have 2 offices in Nevada, I can also do Skype or Phone sessions.

Jeanne Robinson

Sierra Springs Hypnosis