I wish to acknowledge the effectiveness of your hypnotherapy. The reason I came to you was for smoking, but I am sure it is just as effective for other conditions you promote. I think it was Winston Churchill who famously said; “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I’ve done it thousands of times”. That was truly me. But this time, the therapy truly worked. It’s been 2 months and I have no desire for a cigarette. I guess when you remove all doubts of success from the subconscious mind, the result is success.

I do however believe it is important to remove all temptation for a few days. Change the environment where you normally smoke. For me, I timed my session the day before I was going on vacation for four days. I never even thought about a cigarette for those four days and when I returned, my desires for cigarette were very minor, shortly lived and therefore easy to ignore. Thank you for offering such an effective service.

Pat B.  Reno Nevada

Become a true non-smoker

(Not just a smoker who is courageously resisting cigarettes)

I have helped a lot of people with their struggle to become a non-smoker. People usually call me after they have tried absolutely everything, I am their last resort and I am very glad they have called me. 

My first job is to set your expectation as to how my Smoking Cessation Program works. People often come in thinking it will take 1 session to become a true non-smoker, they tell me they know someone who knows someone who just did 1 session, and they have never smoked again, and I think that is great for them. I was not trained in the 1 session Hypnotherapy way. 

My Smoking Cessation Program is 10 sessions, but some people it only takes 3 sessions, some 5 sessions.  If you have been smoking for 30 years and have never quit, it might take you all 10 sessions. Permenant change happens in small increments over a period of time and sometimes it takes time for the habit to catch up with the new mindset.

I offer a free initial consultation, where I can find out more about you, explain my process and answer any questions you may have. What I am looking for when deciding to work with someone is are they willing to be fully committed to the process, will they show up for all their scheduled sessions and use the tools I give them to use in their everyday life?

Jeanne has a specialized Smoking Cessation Certification.

Call me it you would like more information.