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Jeanne is amazing!  After 12 sessions with her, not only did we get to the heart of my issue but now I am enjoying every moment of my life. After 30 plus years of IBS which eventually became debilitating with Jeanne’s help and the tools she gave me I have been able to get out there and do the things I haven’t been able to do in a very long time. I highly recommend her!

Becky Coltra - Nevada

My experience with Jeanne and hypnosis was unexpected and almost indescribable. I sought her out after trying many alternatives with an issue that was altering my life in a way I was not approving. After my 4th session I left with an incredible sense of peace and calm that was so out of the ordinary for me, I didn't quite know what I was experiencing. Following this, I found I had no sense of urgency, or constant head chatter.  This is huge with a type A personality as myself. I have found I now know better how to just "be." Truly, what an experience and life changer.

Khanh - nevada

I decided to give hypnotherapy a try as I needed help with attaining some personal goals.  I had been blocked with anxiety and couldn't summon the energy nor the confidence to try new stroke therapies which I needed to improve function and live independently.  After my first hypnotherapy session I was so impressed with the whole process that I needed to share what a big difference it has made in my life. I now feel like I am getting help from the "inside”. Not having that crippling anxiety anymore, I am feeling stronger and more confident to do what I need to do to achieve my goals.   

Jeanne set the environment for me to feel safe, and inspired me to take control of what I wanted to do.  I set the goals for the session, then she set the tone for me to relax, and I was enabled to let it happen. I highly recommend Jeanne at Sierra Springs Clinical Hypnotherapy.

                              Joan - Newport Beach, California

I went to Jeanne because I had public speaking anxiety. I was going to speak at an important event involving my family and I was terrified of being in front of over 150 people while reading a speech. The transformation was powerful, over the course of many sessions with Jeannie, and practicing my speech with the techniques she gave me it became easier. In a few of her sessions, she had me imagine I was giving the speech in my head with the outcome I wanted, which was very helpful in my experience. I was able to turn that anxiety of being in front of many people into a memorable experience with very little troubles. I cannot thank her enough for all of the help she has given me!

Jessica - Reno, Nevada