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Sierra Springs Hypnotherapy



  • What is the state of hypnosis?
    Hypnosisis is a relaxed, focused state of heightened awareness. Your brain has moved into the Theta brain wave state. You are still aware and in complete control in the Theta brain wave state. In this state, your conscious mind, your thinking, logical, analytical mind has stepped aside and your unconscious mind can now absorb and deeply take in what is being said, without any resistance from the conscious mind. When you are in Theta, if something is said that you do not agree with, you will not take it in, in fact, it may awaken you a little. A person moves in and out of this Theta brain wave state throughout the day. When you are deeply absorbed in reading a book, when watching a movie and many more times. When we are falling asleep at night we move though Theta to Delta, the deep sleep state. When we are waking up in the morning we move back up from Delta to Theta then up to Alpha and fully awake to Beta.
  • What is Hypnotherapy?
    Hypnotherapy is using the state of hypnisis to create lasting, positive change in a persons life. The Hypnotherapist gently guides the client, through relaxation techniques that redirect the mind, and moves them into the deeply focused state of Hypnosis. Metaphors, stories, similes and some direct suggesion are then presented when you are in a state of hypnosis and the subconscious mind can absorbe and utilize them to create deep change in the behavior you are targeting.
  • How many sessions will it take?
    Each client responds to Hypnotherapy differently and there are a lot of factors at play. For example: if someone comes to me to quit smoking and they have been smoking for 40 years and have never quit before, it may take 10 sessions to quit. If a person comes to me and has quit several times before for long periods of timebut keeps going back to smoking, it may only take 1 to 3 sessions for them to no longer be smoking. Other factors are how much responsibility the client is willing to take for their progress. Are they willing to put in the time and effort? Hypnotherapy creates small changes over time, which end up being big changes.
  • How are Hypnosis and Meditation related? How are they different?
    When a person is meditating they are in the same brainwave state as Hypnosis, Theta. The difference between Hypnotherapy and Meditation is when a person is working with a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, they have a specific goal in mind. Everything the hypnotherapist says is aligned with the deep, lasting change they want to create. When a person is meditating the goal is to quiet the mind, to bring the mind to a single focus point, minus all the mental chatter. I highly recomend to my clients to start a meditation practice, even if it is 3 minutes a day, just start and be patient while you retrain your mind, and most importantly, be consistant and you will notice a change. The more often you get yourself in the Theta brainwave state, the better your life will be, the calmer you will feel, the more aware you will become leading you to greater clarity and focus in your everyday life. Your mind will have less power to pull you off course with unhelpful thoughts that lead to stress, anxiety and addictions. Hypnotherapy combined with a consistent Meditation practice is the way to transform your life. The more aware you are the more evolved you become.
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