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Jeanne Robinson, CCHT, SIC

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Certified Life Coach

Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 200 

Anxiety & Stress
Anxiety is de​bilitating. It leads to physical ailments like fatigue and Insomnia. You can feel excessive worry, irrational fears, spinning worst case scenarios and not being able to focus. 

Anxiety can trigger you into a habit or addiction like Smoking, Drinking or Overeating. 

Hypnotherapy works on your mind, resets it, so you know how it feels to have a quiet mind and relaxed body. It can help create a new calmer pathway in your brain. Then these things that trigger you into anxiety no
Panic Attacks
Body Issues
Fears & Phobias
Sugar Addiction
Public Speaking
Inspiration & Motivation
Sport Performance
The debilitating emotions we experience from the death of our best friends can be devastating, and very similar to the effects of stress and anxiety.

Because Hypnotherapy activates our subconscious minds, hypnosis can often address both the amount of time we grieve and the intensity of our grief.

Coping with the grief of the loss of a beloved pet is often a lonely, painful and lengthy journey.

However utilizing hypnotherapy to manage the emotions of sadness, despair, feeling lost or guilt.
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"Regarding my progress in Golf, A number of days ago when it was warm I went to the driving range to practice. I impressed myself as to how much better by far that I was able to hit the balls. In the past I would hit about 50% of them ok, that day I believe I hit 90% of them well. I know practice makes perfect and I will continue the visualization practice. Thanks Jeanne"


Ed H. - Reno, Nevada

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